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The Cool Marketing Dashboard

Ask any marketer what the single most influential factor in their marketing activities is and we can just about guarantee their answer will be Analytics. Monitoring the success (and failure) of marketing activities is crucial to the online growth of any business.

Staying across all of your analytics is easier said than done. However, most people have a different account for Google Analytics, emails, social media accounts, Xero and so on. Logging into all of these accounts and then comparing and contrasting is an arduous task (if you even have access to everything). This is why we have built our Cool Marketing Dashboard. Your one stop shop for all things analytics, website maintenance and package details.


Everything is in the same place

We will add all of your Google, Social, Email & Xero accounts to the Dashboard for you. All of your reports will be stored in the one, easy to manage location. This also allows you to compare results across different platforms. Has a Facebook ad resulted in a spike in traffic to your website? Did this translate to any sales through Xero? All of this data is readily available in the one place; the Cool Marketing Dashboard.


Monitor & backup your website

A website is much like a car. It needs constant monitoring and servicing in order to run optimally. Through our Cool Marketing Dashboard, we monitor your website to ensure that your website is up and running. We also save regular backups of your website to ensure that no matter what happens, a recent copy of your website has been saved and stored securely.


Keep track of your package inclusions & activities

Cool Marketing Packages are based on an hourly engagement each month. Through the Cool Marketing Dashboard, you can keep track of exactly how your hours are being used each and every month.


Google Analytics

Track the performance of your website via integrated Google Analytics. You can integrate multiple Google Analytics accounts to track multiple websites. Monitor your traffic, bounce rate, landing pages, country list, device breakdown and much more.

Facebook Analytics

Integrate your Facebook page analytics to track the performance of your Facebook page. You can drill down to see the performance of individual Facebook posts. Find out the reach, likes, unlikes, comments, shares, click through and much more. If you manage multiple Facebook pages, you can access all of this data via the one dashboard.

Email Marketing

Vision6 and MailChimp Reports

Send out an email campaign in Vision6 or in MailChimp and see the results within the Marketing Dashboard. Track how well your email performed by comparing website visits via Google Analytics and Facebook visits via Facebook analytics, all in one dashboard.


Integrate Xero and display sales and expenses within the dashboard. This is ideal if you have an eCommerce store that is integrated with your Xero account. You can also track how your social media posts and ads are contributing to conversions, all in one dashboard. If you would like to know more about integrating your WooCommerce store with your Xero accounting system,

Uptime monitoring


Make sure your website is up. The Cool Marketing Dashboard performs a check to see if your website is up and running every 30 minutes.

Website Backups

Your website is backed up regularly automatically via the Cool Marketing Dashboard, or you can manually take a backup of the website before you perform any changes.

Marketing Calendar


Our marketing calendar is an up-to-date report of the work we undertake for you as a part of your Cool Marketing Package each month. Monitor exactly where your hours are being spent each month

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