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Social Mentions

Let me start by saying, nearly all social mentions are good social mentions (with the exception of trolls). If customers are talking about your brand this means that something your brand is doing is worth talking about. Each and every time someone says something about your brand publicly, you are given both exposure and the opportunity to engage.

Social mentions provide you with unrivaled insight into your brands customers sentiment without you having to request feedback or reviews. Instead, somewhat open discussions are generated and allow you to organically identify holes within your marketing, customer service and business strategy through customer sentiment.

Monitoring your businesses social mentions can present invaluable information and opportunities for your business.

Positive Social Mentions

Everybody enjoys a bit of positive reinforcement; however positive social mentions can be so much more than that for businesses. For starters, positive social mentions improve the reach of your brand organically. When customers choose to mention your brand, they expose your brand to their own circle which, can in turn increase your following.

Positive social mentions also provide your brand with the opportunity to engage with your fans on a more personal level. This can allow you to develop extremely beneficial relationships with customers, which have the potential to turn into advocates or ambassadors for your brand. Any small, positive interaction has the potential to improve your brands reputation and build a loyal fan base.

Negative Social Mentions

Equally, if not more important are negative social mentions. Locating and monitoring negative social mentions will provide you with the opportunity to prevent potentially bad situations from becoming worse. In fact, by catching these mentions early, you even have the chance to turn them into a positive scenario by responding promptly and appropriately.

Negative mentions are a great place for businesses to learn and gain feedback where issues may otherwise have been missed. Not only are you presented with the opportunity to respond to negative feedback and make your brand look better, you have the chance to improve processes and actually be better.

As hard as it can be to receive negative mentions, they are the most important to keep on top of. Without careful monitoring they can easily escalate and damage your brand. A great way to approach negative social mentions is to determine whether the criticism is warranted, remain open and calm, create a safe communication platform ? preferably away from social media i.e. via email or telephone and offer your apology and/or explanation.

Most businesses spend a significant amount of time and money using marketing to acquire new business. However, fail to monitor and address negative mentions. If a business is prepared to invest in gaining new business, wouldn’t it make sense for them to invest just as much in retaining them?

The Internet is like an elephant, it never forgets. Ever. Any negative social mentions and responses from your business can remain on the internet for future customers to potentially discover.

Social Mention Tools

There are a number of tools currently in the market helping brands locate and manage their online mentions. Here are a few of our picks:

    1. Social Mention – This app is one of the most popular and pulls together data from more than 100 sources including Facebook, YouTube & Twitter. It presents the information in a simple, yet comprehensive visual form
    2. Sysomos is an extremely advanced software that enables users to access social data and monitor brand mentions across 189 countries. It also allows brands to access up to two years of historical data.
    3. Hootsuite – Hootsuite is one of the leading social tools in the industry, particularly known for its scheduling capabilities. This tool also provides businesses with the opportunity to track & respond to online mentions.
    4. Winja – Winja is a new offering to the market. The Brisbane-based app offers both customers and businesses the opportunity to join and contribute. This provides brands with an insight into the customer sentiment that exists within the Winja community.